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Associate Members of VLTA are available to assist you with those business operations that can often take you away from what you do best. 

  • Business Insurance: General Liability and Errors and Omissions
  • Software
  • Banking
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Law Firms
  • Document Scanning

Be sure to look them up in our directory.  They're waiting on your call!  Remember, these businesses are supporting your industry.

Title Examination (using land record related websites)

There are many times during the title research and settlement process that we need quick answers to important nagging questions such as: 

  • Is the road a private right of way or a public state maintained roadway?
  • Is the business entity a Virginia Corporation, Partnership or LLC? 
  • Is the owner in the process of some form of Bankruptcy? 
  • Which Bankruptcy Court has jurisdiction? 
  • The list goes on and on. 

When searching for online access to the county land records website it is important to remember that each clerk has different requirements and payment options, so be sure to get all the information before you sign-up.  Also it is important to remember that the online website is different from the in-courthouse computer and often the two systems are a combination of computer software products and companies.  The look, feel and actual way each system is used can be very different.  When you contact the clerk’s office be sure to ask if they use wildcards in their search features and if so, ask what they are and how they are used and remember that there are some sites that do not use any wildcards in the search process.

The information provided will be updated regularly and more resources will also be developed.  So “tag” this site and check it out whenever you’re able.  The scope of the information that we wish to include are the web-links for the Counties, Cities and Towns in Virginia for: Circuit Court Land Records, Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, GIS Tax Maps, and helpful information when using them (such as wildcard features and usage tips).  If you have information or suggestions please contact Julie Rutledge-Pugh by email at

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