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Volunteer of the Year

2013-2014 Recipient


Tracy Milanese, Access National Bank

"Tracy has been a dedicated and committed volunteer who has shown that she is always ready to be 'boots on the ground' for VLTA, with a helping hand, an open mind, and a diligent attitude. Having Tracy as part of the member resources committee has been inspiring, but that's not all she has done for VLTA.Tracy teaches education sessions, writes for the Examiner, and serves on whatever committee might need her help. Tracy is a true blue friend to VLTA, and she will be sorely missed."

Stay tuned for Tracy's full bio and photo. Congratulations to all our 2013-14 Volunteer of the Year nominees. We couldn't do it without you!

2012-2013 Recipient

Terri L. Stitzer, DTS Titles, Inc.

"Once Terri made the decision to volunteer her time to The Examiner Committee, she jumped in with both feet participating in monthly conference calls in spite of her duties as an owner/operator of a small business."

"Terri worked as an army of one after the launch of the title examiner certification program dispelling rumors, seeking out factual information, and not being drawn into the cacophony that was permeating records rooms around the state...Terri was a strong advocate for VLTA in these difficult times."

Recipient Biography

Terri Stitzer began her title career as an office runner and file clerk for the Lawyers Title Norfolk Branch in 1983. She advance to the position of receptionist and policy typist using an old Magna Card Writer (does anyone remember those?).  From there, she became a licensed title insurance underwriter for a Title Agency and learned how to read title notes and produce commitments and policies.  She became proficient in underwriting residential, commercial and rural titles.  In 1992, she joined the staff of Pioneer Title where she focused on new construction and served as an MLA Agent.  In 2001, she founded DTS Titles, Inc., where she holds the office as President providing services as an Independent Title Examiner.

Terri has maintained her license as a title insurance agent attending numerous title insurance seminars and continuing education classes.  She is proud to have completed the course and exam required to become certified as a Virginia Certified Title Examiner.

Terri volunteers her time and talent to the “Examiner” committee of the Virginia Land Title Association.  Terri has written several articles that have appeared in recent issues of the magazine.  Since becoming a VLTA volunteer, Terri’s understanding of the scope of the association has grown immensely.


VLTA offers its thanks and appreciation to Terri for her dedication to VLTA and to the industry. Thank you, Terri, for sharing one of your most valuable gifts >>> Your Time!

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Who are they?

• They arrive early to make sure everything is set-up;
• They work the registration tables at our events;

 • They keep the committees focused on completing the charges issues by the board of directors
• They offer their time and expertise to VLTA regularly;
• They promote VLTA and MORE.

They are the life blood of our association!


How it works:

This award honors a volunteer who has provided extraordinary service over the past year (July - June). The volunteer can work in any capacity of VLTA - events, education, public relations, legislative, Examiner, membership committees, etc., in addition to those who work behind the scenes (not necessarily serving on a committee).

The selection:

The President will consider quality, character, and length of service and uniqueness of circumstances when choosing the recipient. The Volunteer of the Year recipient will receive a beautifully engraved plaque and FREE registration to convention.


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