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Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of VLTA and they must continue to be its backbone. If you’re not involved in the Virginia Land Title Association, you’re missing an opportunity to enhance both your personal and professional “self”. The time has arrived that many of you should be considering giving back to a profession that has served you well. The value of networking with your peers is immeasurable. The opportunity to mentor or be mentored is priceless!

VLTA Committees are always in need of YOUR expertise! WHY not consider serving on a committee that piques your interest. Most committees meet by conference call and in person at the Annual Convention and Fall Symposium. It’s a great opportunity to network and learn more about this ever- changing industry – YOUR industry.

Listed below are some of the committees that would welcome YOUR participation.

  • Examiner: VLTA’s premier news magazine, celebrating 17 years of publishing. Members of this committee spend their time soliciting articles of particular interest to land title professionals across the state.
  • Education: This committee is primarily responsible for providing VLTA with quality education for Annual Convention, Fall Seminar and other programs. Keeping our members abreast of the law, sharing best practices, and finding the educators is the goal!
  • Member Resources & Events: Membership has never been better, but there are still many in Virginia who are NOT members! Imagine that! The more hands we have closing this gap, the more informed individuals we’ll have representing this industry! By joining this committee you will also have a voice in the planning of the Annual Convention, Fall Seminar and other events. Participation does not have to equate to an enormous amount of time. You can decide on how much you want to participate. Typically, we have a monthly conference call which may increase to two times a month during crucial planning times.
  • Legislative: This committee is always in need of members who are interested in keeping abreast of all the issues affecting the industry; members who have the “ears” of those in office; members who genuinely CARE about protecting the industry for the whole.
  • Communications: This committee is comprised of individuals who perform, have experience in, or have an interest in public relations and its various functions. Members utilize all forms of media (social networks, forums, list serves, print media, etc.) to promote and inform title insurance professionals in Virginia and the consumer of industry related news and events.

Getting involved and participating in YOUR association is one of the best ways to receive the greatest benefit of membership. VLTA gains more “clout” as it becomes more of a “player” in the business affairs of the industry. Participation doesn’t have to equate an enormous amount of time. You get to decide on how much time you want to give….obviously, minimal participation is necessary to truly be a committee member. Often members are reluctant to participate because they feel they have little to learn or little to offer. In both instances, they are wrong! We all have much to give and to learn from each other. Now is the time to consider giving back to the industry - to the profession you have chosen. Get on board with VLTA and be a part of our growth!

If you’re interested in participating on a committee, click here to contact the Director of the Committee and learn the specific details of the committee charges.   

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